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3scale Application Suspend

Application suspend.

3scale User Suspend

User suspend.

3scale User Suspend (provider account)

User suspend (provider account).

AWS Auto Scaling Suspend Processes

Suspends the specified Auto Scaling processes, or all processes, for the specified Auto Scaling group.

AWS S3 GET Bucket accelerate

This implementation of the GET operation uses the acceleratesubresource to return the Transfer Acceleration state of a bucket, which is eitherEnabled or Suspended

Azure Automation Job Suspend

Suspend the job identified by jobId.

Azure Automation Test Jobs Suspend

Suspend the test job.

Kaltura Get Service Batch Action Suspendjobs

batch suspendJobs action suspends jobs from running.

Okta Suspend User

Suspend user.

Rebilly Cancel a pending or suspended transaction

Cancel a scheduled transaction. Once handled a transaction cannot be canceled

RingCentral Suspend Webhook

Suspends webhooks by ID. Usage Plan Group Medium

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